For Children





*improves posture, balance, and coordination

*helps increase flexibility, improve circulation, body tone, and development of muscles

*enhances the physical, mental and emotional development in children

*provides room for exploring, discovering and developming instincts for movement

*enriches learning, awakens the sense for beauty, and gives new meaning to movement and shape

*supports the development for motor skills


Aside fom competitive dancing, BeoDance gives much attention to their dance school for the youngest


The Dance School for Children:


The programme for children is adapted to their age and sensibility. The enhancement of the physical, mental and emotional development in children is provided through various exercises of coordination, and interesting choreographies. The dances included in this programme are: the english waltz, cha-cha-cha, samba, disco, salsa, swing, twist, sirtaki,  as well as childrens’ dances such as the ketchup song, cowboy polka…


Enrolling into the dance school is organized at the beginning of each semester.
You can take a look at our galleries here.
Children's show team performance at BeoDance Open 2014.
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