Argentine tango



Argentine tango owes its origin to mass immigration that hit Argentina in the second half of the nineteenth century. Mixing of different cultures, African, Spanish, Italian culture with original Argentine culture resulted in a specific combination of dance and music. Traditional dances were blended with popular Cuban habanera, candombe rhythms of African music and Creole milongas. Due to its erotic nature, tango was banned for years by the high society. However, after arriving in Paris, at the beginning of the twentieth century, this dance is becoming popular worldwide. The audience quickly fell in love with tango for its beauty, passion, drama, excitement and vitality. With a distinctive instrument - bandoneon (a type of accordion), violin, guitar, tango shows relationships between men and women, rough and sentimental, but, of course, erotic.

Classes are held twice a week in our dance hall in the street Kralja Petra 70b.


BeoDance contestants from 2013.


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